Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Toy - a Viewing Scope

At Gilbert Water Ranch trying out my new custom built viewing scope from Photon Instrument.
 I'm finally back to blogging after a nearly 2 month absence.  Where have I been??  Out exploring my favorite birding areas, agog over what I can now see!  Its a whole new bird world out there now that I can see soooo far, and in so much detail!  I never was able to master using binoculars so I have been birding just by naked eye, and using a 12x optical zoom digital camera to get close-up views.  But I often couldn't ID the birds I was seeing while in the field with certainty - I had to download my images to my laptop to get a decent look at key field markings.  So in November my friend Josh, at Wild Birds Unlimited, referred me to Warren Kutok at Photon Instrument in Mesa, Arizona.  What a lucky day that was for me, to discover such a great hidden treasure here in Mesa.  Warren Kutok has helped build and repair observatory telescopes all over the world, and now he's putting together a custom built viewing scope that mounts to my wheelchair!  I went into his shop and met with him on a Thursday, and by Saturday my scope was ready.  Amazing!  I've been off wandering around with my scope ever since.  I really need to stop by Photon Instrument and thank Warren for opening up a whole new world for me.  I'm one happy birder!


  1. I'm so excited for you!! Way to go Photon Instruments!!


  2. Wonderful story! And awesome to see. Kudos to you. Looking. For something similar. Know someone interested in photography and birds but movement and strength an issue. Weight for long periods. Think something like this is awesome!!


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