Friday, February 24, 2012

Nature - Its Not Always Pretty

I was thrilled when my brother Patrick ran into the house telling me there was a hawk hanging out right behind our back fence.  So I sent him out with my camera with instructions to just click away - its digital (he's not quite into the digital age yet).  I figured he'd get some shots of the hawk looking serene, or giving him the ol' evil-eye, and maybe even of the hawk as it took off.  I was wrong.  Apparently it was meal-time for this Sharp-shinned Hawk.


Photos by Patrick Thomas


  1. That's some fine work there. NIce team-coordination Peggy. Thanks for sharing!
    This makes me hungry for some steak.

  2. Wonderful photos and this is just what nature is all about.

  3. Great photos! Your brother has talent!


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