Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spotted Towhee Spotted

Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus)

My most exciting backyard visitor this spring - a male Spotted Towhee!  He stayed for about 3 days, hopping around in true towhee-style in the thick brush.  Most of the time he foraged on the ground under our seed block, mixing right in with the White-crowned Sparrows.  But my resident Abert's Towhees were not as thrilled as I to see their colorful cousin and chased him away at every turn.  I tried to tell them not to be so inhospitable to their visiting relative, but the Abert's just wouldn't listen.


  1. Very nice! Spotteds are beautiful birds and are none to common around the city. What a compliment to your yard : )

  2. It doesn't look like weeds to me, but if that is what it takes to attract a Spotted Towhee then you talked me into it. I am not going to pull my weeds.

  3. Great pics of a lovely bird. Thanks for the post.


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