Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thorny Toad Rescue

 The animal drama continues at the Desert Botanical Garden, be it on a smaller scale, with the recent rescue of a toad impaled by cactus spines.  Found by wildlife photographer Denny Green on Saturday, the poor toad was carting around a relatively huge piece of jumping cholla on its back.

Dehydrated and very likely near death (the toad, not the photographer), the toad was in need of immediate intervention.  Denny carefully extracted the cholla spines from the toad's backside and thankfully no mouth-to-snout resuscitation was necessary.  The now thorn-less toad was deemed to be healthy and was released into the pond along the Plants and People Trail.

Photos by Denny Green

Two of the three to four roadrunner nestlings at Desert Botanical Garden, June 2, 2012.
Photo by Denny Green

Roadrunner Update: 
 Denny also reports that as of Saturday, June 2nd,
the rescued roadrunner's nestlings appear happily well fed in their nest,
so momma roadrunner is doing well enough to care for her young!


  1. Awesome! I've been really enjoying these recent posts Peggy!

  2. Thanks Laurence! I'm grateful for the contributions made by other photographers willing to get out there and brave the heat!


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