Friday, November 16, 2012

Heroes? Really??

Even the Turkey Vulture doesn't buy it - the "Heroes" of the Salt River are the Salt River Tubing company and their can-tossing customers???  The true heroes of the Salt River are the critters that thrive and survive there despite the constant barrage of litter dumped into their habitat year after year, mainly by the crowds of tubers.

Have you ever seen what it looks like at the Salt River recreation sites the day after Memorial Day?

Who made the decision to allow this area of the Salt River to be taken over each summer by trash-tossing flotillas of drunks?

The next time you stop by the Mesa Ranger Station to buy a Tonto Pass, consider suggesting strongly that they find a more environmentally friendly source of revenue than the slovenly Salt River Tubing company.  How about eco-tourism?  Let's attract visitors who care about the environment.


  1. Disgusting!! I am an AZ native and went tubing with my own tube many, many years ago. We never thought about doing this type of thing to the environment. What has happened to people??

    1. Entitled jerks who feel they deserve everything, including free cleanup.

  2. This is very sad :( I'm from upstate NY and we have the same problem here with this . People really need to grow up and show the next generation how to keep America Beautiful.
    AZ you are a beautiful state and I hope to visit there some day :)

  3. Since we, the taxpayers, are paying into the Federal government; they should create a committee of Forest rangers to patrol area's/beaches of the Salt River during Holidays with a megaphone, requesting that all trash be picked up before they leave. Leave it as you found it! Not even a gum wrapper should be left behind! Also, more "Do Not Litter" signs should be put up....with a bigger fine...$500! And be
    ENFORCED! We wouldn't be able to hand out No Litter reminder brochures, because that would only create more litter. And then there are the tubers; who, most, but not all, just through their trash into the river! Disgusting! Just another way for the Salt River Horses to cut themselves on a rusty can or broken bottle!


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