Monday, March 11, 2013

Tres Rios Rocks!

450 acre wetland at the confluence of the Salt, Gila, and Agua Fria Rivers.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds were in the thousands!

Huge Neotropic Cormorant rookery!

"More Birding" with Cynthia Donald Field Trip (one of DBG's wonderful birding classes).

Lincoln's Sparrow posing on reeds in one of the ponds at Tres Rios.

 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks

Black-bellied Whistling Duck coming in for a visit with the Great Egret.

Great Egret surmising the incoming flocks of White-faced Ibis.

Three to four hundred White-faced Ibis' flew in for a dunk and a drink!

I still have yet to see the 'white face' of the White-faced Ibis.

Nesting is in full swing at the Great Blue Heron rookery.

Returning to the nest.

What the heck?  Where did these jokers come from? 
Fishing in the treatment ponds at Tres Rios?  Sure hope
they're not going to eat what they caught.

This was a rare view of the Tres Rios Flow Regulating Wetlands which is closed to the public.  Just to the south of this fenced-in area lies the Tres Rios Overbanks Wetlands which is open to birders who have obtained a permit. 

To obtain a permit to bird in the Tres Rios Overbanks Wetlands, contact :

Debbi Radford
Tres Rios Project Coordinator
200 West Washington St., 9th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Fax 602-495-5843

For more extensive details about birding the Overbanks Wetlands at Tres Rios, see Tommy Debardeleben's excellent coverage of the area at his awesome site "Birder From Maricopa".

The recent Tres Rios Festival was held at the nearby Base and Meridian Wildlife Area.  For details about birding this area (which so far is not too wheelchair friendly :-(  ), see Tommy's review HERE.

The old Hayfield Site at Tres Rios is closed permanently.


  1. Heck yes! For my money, it's the best all round birding spot in Phoenix. I have a birdin' buddy who notched an amazing 102 species there in one day!

  2. Nice pic of you and Donald's truck, Peggy!



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