Monday, May 12, 2014

Ban Barbed-Hook Fishing at Gilbert Water Ranch

An x-ray of a deceased bird from Gilbert Water
Ranch with a barbed fishing hook embedded
in its trachea.

Many of us are regular birders at Gilbert Water Ranch and have seen birds injured or killed by fishing line and fishing hooks.  It is an awful sight, and leaves us feeling sad, frustrated, and angered by our inability to help the birds.  This Thursday is your chance to be a voice for our feathered friends

The Gilbert Town Council will vote this week on a proposal to limit fishing at the Gilbert Water Ranch to catch-and-release in order to mitigate injuries to birds from barbed hooks. The Town expects a large group of opponents to attend the meeting, even though the proposed change will expand catch-for-keeps fishing to two other parks. We need birders/photographers/naturalists to come out in support of catch-and-release.   The proposal will be discussed at  the Town Council this Thursday May 15th at 7:00 pm.  The Council chambers are located at Municipal Building I, 50 E Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, Arizona 85296.

Please come out and help GWR Park Ranger Jennie Rambo inform the Council of the need for this change. You do NOT have to be a citizen of Gilbert to attend or to speak, just a frequenter of the Water Ranch. When you get to the council meeting be sure to fill out one of the comment cards where you can mark yes or no on the proposed change and also indicate whether you would like to get up and speak in front of the council.  Your vote and comments will be entered into the record.  Any photographic evidence you may have would help greatly in showing the Council the severity of injuries caused by barbed hooks.

If you can't make it to the town Council meeting this Thursday but would still like to voice your concerns or give first-hand accounts of birds injured by fishing hooks at Gilbert Water Ranch, please call or write to:

Rod Buchanan, Director of Parks and Recreation
Phone: 480-503-6280

Directions to Gilbert City Council Chambers :  Take Gilbert Rd. south past Warner Rd., turn left (east) on Civic Center Dr., look for Municipal Building I, at 50 E Civic Center Drive.


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