Saturday, May 22, 2010

Armchair Birding at Rio Salado

Here are the armchairs, but where are the birders?

It was Armchair Birding today at the Rio Salado and in keeping with the last few events here, something other than the billed feature showed up and stole the show.  Sure, there were plenty of birds flying by - Egrets, Herons, Cormorants, Ravens, and more - but they were all upstaged by, of all things, a Snapping Turtle. 

The armchair birders are all over here, agog over this interloper, a stray Snapping Tortoise!

Still, there was something to be learned from the Armchair Birding experience - You really can see a lot of birds by just sitting still in one spot, listening, and looking at who flies by!  For disabled birders - this means you're not always at a disadvantage because you can't hike down a stream bed or into the thicket to find birds.  More often than not, you can just park yourself somewhere and quietly observe, listen, and see a number of birds without moving at all.  Walking is highly over-rated!

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