Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bird Netting Catches a California King Snake!

The excitement just never ends in the Thomas Animal Sanctuary (my backyard).  Thought I'd seen every part of the desert food chain over the last few years - big fat desert spiny lizards, roadrunners trying to eat the spiny lizards, cottontail rabbits, owls stalking the rabbits, rock squirrels, and the occasional hawk swooping down to eat the squirrels . 

Now I have frogs, and a California King Snake trying to eat them!  Poor guy got tangled up in the bird netting we had just put out to protect our tomato plants.  I called the Arizona Herpetological Association for advice and was told King Snakes are great to have in your garden, are non-venomous,  feed on rodents and snakes, and are immune to rattlesnake venom.  So we cut him loose from all the netting and he's still here, just waiting for a frog to hop by.


  1. i like your post. it is effective method to get rid of birds. i recently installed bird netting in my garden. it is really a effective method.

  2. Poor guy, I am so glad you rescued him. That net is really hard on snakes, so you really have to watch out for them. You must have a really wonderful yard to attract all those birds and other critters.

  3. Oh God......Really it's working. Bird netting is great idea to avoid pest birds and all other pest.

  4. Beautiful Cali king! Btw...that is a she, not a he. ;)

  5. This is one of the more used techniques to control birds.That’s really interesting to read about this.
    Richard Roberts


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