Friday, September 3, 2010

Oak Leaf Owl

Oak leaves form an eerie cock-eyed owl.

Hairy Woodpecker
On a recent trip to Show Low, Arizona, I was hard pressed to get a good long look at any birds. Most were high overhead flitting from tree top to tree top, steering clear of the big gnarly Ravens.that seem to have taken over the area.  I had expected to sit back on my parents porch and blissfully watch Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Hummingbirds whizzing by.  Instead, I watched huge black Ravens walking around the neighborhood like free-range chickens!  It took days to accumulate just a few far-off photos of my wish-list of birds. 
Pygmy Nuthatch

Rufous Hummingbird
Steller's Jay

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