Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mesa Electric Park Recognized as an Audubon at Home Bird Habitat!

Dreamland Villa Desert Nature Walk (a.k.a. Mesa Electric Park) was officially recognized as an Audubon at Home Bird Habitat on Saturday as part of Tour de Bird!  Dreamland Villa residents received a sign from Desert Rivers Audubon to post on the trail, acknowledging their efforts in providing a healthy native habitat for the birds and other wildlife in their Mesa neighborhood.  

The trail is an amazing little hidden gem in Mesa, running along the tall electrical towers between Higley and 64th st., north of University Drive.  The well maintained smooth trail winds through a 2 mile stretch of desert lush with old-growth saguaros, ocotillo, prickly pear, palo verde, creosote and mesquite.  

When these 1950's and 60's patio homes were built, it was decided by the home owners to fill the easement area with native drought-resistant plants that would survive without irrigation.  As a collaborative effort by Dreamland Villa and Velda Rose retirement communities, a nature trail was developed, with quaint little sitting areas, rustic bird feeding stations, and interpretive signs.  Aloe plants, wildflowers and huge agaves can be found all along the trail.  Its a great spot to see nesting Inca Doves, flocks of Rosey-faced Lovebirds, Verdin, Cactus Wren, Gambel's Quail, Gilded Flickers, Eurasian Collared Doves, and Hummingbirds galore!  There are also quite a few furry critters that call this habitat their home - Rock Squirrels, Round-tailed Ground Squirrels, Harris Antelope Squirrels, Cottontails, Jackrabbits, Coyotes, and even Gray Foxes. 

If you go:  The Dreamland Villa Nature Trail runs between Recker and Higley roads, north of University, in Mesa. Just look for the huge electrical towers. One of the safer streets to park on is 56th st..  Parking is also available in a small lot by the community pool, on E.Colby st. east of 56th st..  The homes directly next to the park have their back yards open to the desert park, so if you decide to bird here, please be respectful of the homeowners and enjoy the park quietly, staying on the trail.  For a MAP see Dreamland Villa's website.

To learn more about Desert Rivers Audubon Bird Habitat Program or
to apply for Bird Habitat Recognition, click here.

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